SEO & Search Marketing

Google receives over 2 Trillion searches per day.

Every second that Google can't find your website means hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities are lost for your business.

That is why here at Bloom, we utilise Search Engine Optimisation to make it as easy as possible for search engines to find you. With so much business competition, we aim to put you in the best possible position to increase your brand awareness and make everything easy for your customers to find you. All of this in turn will increase the likelihood of people buying your product or service.

Get in touch with our friendly team and consider our In-Depth SEO Audit - we'll take a crawl of your website, dive into your high priority issues that need fixing and report our findings back to you in a relaxed but information filled meeting. 

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We Speak Your Language

We understand it's daunting. With such a vast array of big businesses putting thousands into marketing - how can smaller businesses compete? Our approach tackles this issue by pinpointing the specific places that you need to be visible. Competitors may have lots of resources in place to improve their visibility of search engines but we will help your business adopt the best practices and target your SEO to be found in the most important places. By breaking down the technical elements into bite sized chunks we will help to de-mystify SEO and show you exactly what's going on with your website.



If It's Broken, We'll Fix It

 - We begin by giving your website a health check. Any problems will be fixed and an assessment of what needs to be improved will be carried out.

- A competitive review will show where your strongest competitors are, what they're doing right (or wrong) and how best to position your business to compete with them.

- An SEO strategy will be formulated to recognise what direction your online marketing needs to follow, whether that be keyword optimisation, link building or content generation.


Our SEO Strategy Could Include:

  • Google+ implementation.

  • Link Building strategies.

  • Blogger Outreach.

  • Blog posting.

  • Keyword Research and recommendations.

  • SEO best practices.

  • We can advise and correct technical issues within website architecture.

  • SEO Audits.

  • UX Assessment.

  • Directory submission.

  • Meta data analysis and processing.


SEO Strategy That Works

Your search engine optimisation roadmap will lead to higher search visibility and greater traffic to your website. But that's not all. After implementing your SEO strategy, we can set performance reporting tools in place to fully understand what's working and what isn't, who's finding you and why. At this point we can further refine the best direction in which to take your online marketing. All of this evidence will help you to see the full picture of what's going on - the final cherry on top to help your business grow.


Our SEO and Paid media strategy for clearstone paving saw their site traffic double.



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