Google Analytics - Understand Your Traffic

If you have a website, you absolutely should be using Google Analytics for reporting. We all know it's there. The fact that 'Google it' has become a replacement for 'look it up' in the English language should be an indication of just how influential this search engine is to modern day life.

Finding out where your traffic is coming from, going to and everything in between is incredibly important and will provide you with the key information to make your website better optimised, your marketing strategies more targeted and eventually help increase your conversions. 

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What does Google Analytics do?

It tells you what's working and what isn't working! You will have the opportunity to dive into the data from your web pages, your visitors and your paid campaigns to be clearer on where to prioritise your time and resources for your ongoing site maintenance. 

Learn how to understand

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  • Sessions

  • Average Time On Site

  • Average Pages Visited Per Session

  • Bounce Rate

  • Top Performing Pages

  • Goals & Conversions

  • Social Traffic

  • Paid Traffic

  • Demographics


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