Our approach as a digital agency

Everything we do is based on evidence - Bloom is a digital agency created by a data specialist and an ecologist, who have always ensured that the power of fact is at the centre of everything.

We don't just want to assume things about customers, we want to know who they are.


We analyse data to get to know your audience.

Our campaigns will always start by pulling together and analysing as much data as possible to figure out who your audience are: from what they buy, to where they live.

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We build strategies on a customer-first approach.

Taking what we know about your audience, we create a plan that focuses on how they want to see your business - whether it's through an advertisement on social media or in search engines, a series of blog content or simply finding you on the first page of Google.

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We track, analyse and build on our strategies all the time.

There's always more to learn about your audience - and the more we reach out to them, the more we'll find out. 

The greatest businesses listen to their audience all the time and react by constantly altering their strategies to grow that relationship. With the implementation of tracking everything we can, that's exactly what we do, too.

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Creative Marketing

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Green POSitioning

Wondering how green messaging works for your customers? We offer the expertise that every budding and existing green business needs to position themselves in the marketplace.