How do you know if your website or digital marketing is working for your business?

Your website is your online shop window. Everything has to be right. So before you get stuck into your digital marketing, you need to get an accurate picture of how things are right now. Only then can you plan your improvements.

A complete, thorough digital audit can be a big, complicated job, with masses of data and tech. We think it should be easier. So we’ve designed our Digital Marketing Footprint & Website Diagnosis to bring you the best, most useful information as effectively as possible.

We wade into the heavy analytics, user experience and detail before we present you with clear, powerful findings that are easy to understand and act on - so you can get moving on making big digital changes that will benefit your business. 

At the heart of your Digital Marketing Footprint
& Website Diagnosis are three big questions:

  • Is my website being found?

  • What do people do when they arrive on my site?

  • What do I need to do to improve my site?


Search - and so much more...

Of course, everyone wants to know how to rank well on Google, and our diagnosis certainly deals with this, while giving you lots more. Being found by search engines is vital, but equally important are the usability, content and technical aspects of your site. We’ll give your website a complete health check, and a prioritised list of next steps, so you can really get moving.

Website Diagnosis Page Illustration.png


Your digital diagnosis will happen in four stages:



Where are your visitors coming from? What's working? What's not? We’ll perform a full audit of how things are running at the moment - what’s looking good, and what can be improved. We’ll share this insight without jargon or waffle - explaining what it all means so you can see the full picture.



Let’s work with you to ensure you’re being found by the right people, in the right place at right time. Search is a complex business. Luckily for you, we know it inside out.



Once we’ve brought customers to your site, let’s make sure it’s easy to do business. With you, we’ll make things easier, clearer and better for the people who matter to you.



Your digital landscape is ever-changing. So we’ll set you up with the ways to measure what’s going on: the right data and dashboards to enable you to keep an eye on your success.


We need to talk. We’ll take a look at the scale of your current digital footprint, make a plan, and work with you to get things started.

What are we waiting for?

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We’re looking forward to showing you how we help you make the changes you need to get your
online presence really working hard for you.