Not-for-Profit Marketing

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  • Become resilient, develop and market new revenue streams

  • Create a coherent and impactful marketing strategy and plan

  • Ensure your website is the best it can be for your audiences

  • Be able to report back the impact of your marketing efforts

  • Upskill the organisation through training and coaching

What We do

Not for profit organisations often face unique challenges. Those challenges can be tied to funding; the need to gear up new commercial offerings and market them to create sustainable revenue streams, or access and utilise funds to better serve the aims and beneficiaries of their fabulous work.

We have a track record helping with both these challenges.

Our experience with not-for-profits

We have a wealth of experience in working with not-for-profits; charities, trusts, CIC’s and social enterprises - from creating business plans and marketing strategies to generate new revenue, to executing marketing campaigns, helping them get found through SEO and providing digital marketing training and coaching. Our approach is simple: be flexible; be patient; add value. Some of the not-for-profit’s we have had the pleasure to help can be seen below.

Why work with blooM

Our mantra is ‘help the good guys’ get found. So that’s what we do. We help not-for-profits get traction, become resilient and self sufficient. We will ensure your digital marketing strategy is fit for purpose. Then we’ll train you and your team and help you gear up your support resources, so you don’t have to rely on an agency to keep things going.


Who We Help

I keep banging to everyone who will
listen, about how awesome Creative Bloom is and how it’s transformed how
we pitch our services, and helped us think differently.
— Dennis Byrne, Director, Sussex Prisoners' Families CIC

Case Studies