Tips For A Sustainable Halloween In 2018

Tips On How To Have A Sustainable Halloween In 2018!

Create A Reuse-able Costume!

Why not tailor your halloween costume to your everyday outfit tastes? A Halloween costume can be for life, not just Halloween. Or better yet, why not use second hand clothes to bring your spooky idea to life?

Use Eco-Friendly Halloween Treats

Cheap Halloween sweets are usually covered in plastic and won’t biodegrade any time soon. Consider throwing your own ingredients into a cauldron and making toffee apples instead! 

Say Boo To The Plastic Candy Bucket

Those plastic candy buckets will end up hanging around long after Halloween. Try going trick-or-treating with a different kind of container, get imaginative with a pillow case, laundry basket or even just use a normal handbag. 

Local Pumpkin Pie

Consider researching your local pumpkin patch this year or your nearest farmers market that sell pumpkins! Not only will you be cutting carbon emissions from transportation significantly, but often you’ll find all different shapes and sizes of pumpkins which will only add to the creepy factor once it’s been carved!

Check out a few places in Sussex that you could pick your own pumpkin! Here.