Team Bloom

When you hire a marketing agency, their team becomes an extension of yours. Whilst you're likely to choose an agency based on what they offer, it's always important to have an idea of who you'll be working with on this new phase of your business.

Team Bloom is an eclectic mixture of scientists, journalists, designers and analysts passionate about making the world a greener place. In the notion of being authentic, you'll be introduced to Team Bloom through my eyes - the copywriter whose words you've already read across the site.


stu davies


Stu gets very excited about data. You'll often hear an 'a-ha' or 'hmm' coming from his desk whilst he looks through the masses of data we pull together for our clients and analyses how their customers work.

Before setting up Creative Bloom with Jimmy, his job titles have included Digital Marketer, Finance Manager, Commercial Lead and Project Manager on a wide range of product and service related projects across the world. 

Stu's avidly against the over-excessive need for plastic and last year went 6 weeks without plastic. This is just one of the many environmental issues he's fighting for - he works with Surfer's Against Sewage too.

Another thing to know about Stu: when he's not surfing the web or the data we've uncovered from it, he's surfing real waves.


jimmy dorrell


Jimmy (or, 'James', as his business card states) is that guy you'd want in your pub quiz team - if that quiz was tailored to environmental science. He began his career in ecology and conservation, but soon evolved into a communicator, due to his ability to explain complicated scientific theories to anyone. 

His life before bloom includes a vast array of eco-design and creative marketing consultancy multi-million pound companies across the world. 

You'll often see him talking about eco-design and marketing green businesses at conferences and talks across London and Brighton.


clive andrews

Social Media Strategist

Clive has nailed the perfect handshake and wears a great big grin on his face - especially when he's discussing the power of community on social media and cycling. 

He's formerly worked at the revolutionary social agency, NixonMcInnes, as well as advising and training dozens of small businesses on creating a social media strategy that takes businesses to the next level. 

Did I mention he likes cycling?


Ollie Sloan

Data Analyst

Ollie is always fixated on spreadsheets, Ad Words accounts and Facebook Business Manager - usually filled by a few coffees a day.

Yet, beneath his masterful exterior lies a musician - who plays more instruments than I remember.


Hermione Berendt

Digital Content Assistant

Hermione's a passionate content creator, usually taking the role of social media execution and copywriting for our clients. 

When she's not at the Bloom Towers, she's running Revival Collective - Brighton's ethical fashion community, hosting events and curating content for their popular blog. She can also be spotted at a lot of the beach cleans we have down here.


Emily Edgar

Researcher and Communication Designer

Emily does a lot of the research and design work at Bloom Towers, powered by her great eye for detail. 

Outside of work, Emily's studying for her degree in Media Practice. She loves bringing awareness to the impact of media on society, she is determined to show the world through creative mediums. 


Pippa Moyle

Content and Social Media Marketer

Then there's me: Content and Social Media Marketer by day - and night, actually. 

Before Bloom, I worked for, Think Productive, Impressive PR and a range of small businesses in Brighton, raising their social media profiles, writing content and developing PR strategies. I've also been part of the 'blogosphere' for 7 and a half years, working with brands like ASOS, Nikon, John Lewis and Rimmel. 

Bloom enable the compassionate environmentalist within me to thrive - fighting for the plastic straw ban, bringing people together for beach cleans and helping to organise the Brighton Fashion Revolution Week that took place in April 2017.