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Drive people from Google (or Bing) straight to your door with this half-day Local SEO training course.

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local seo is straight-forward, it's the jargon that makes it complicated. 

The way we shop is changing; searching online before you buy has become a catalyst in the buying process. On average, 46% of all Google searches are local, and 50% of those searches result in a visit to the premises or online shop on the same day.

Local SEO digital marketing training

"That was a really good session - both enjoyable and informative. I’m fired with SEO Ninja enthusiasm now!""

Jane Preedy

This masterclass will give you a fantastic understanding of the fundamentals of Local SEO. Local SEO is an investment in your digital shop window. Just like a physical shop window, your customers can find out who you are, where you are and what you sell within moments.

You will learn how to influence it, setup your site and perfect your marketing strategy to make you a local SEO champion, plus follow-up support, to ensure you can rise well above your local competition.

ever wondered if local seo is important for your business? find out why it is & how to NAIL IT with us.

This course is for people who sell from a physical location or to a specific geographic area and have never tried (or maybe dabbled) with SEO. You might be a small business owner, have responsibility for marketing or are starting your journey into digital.

We lift the lid on Local SEO and give you the tools to know how to do the job yourself. With the right approach and the best support, you’ve really got this.

Topics you'll know more about after the session

  • Link building & citations - how to do it

  • Google business page optimisation

  • Review strategies

  • Stu shares his secret Local SEO hacks so you can smash the competition

  • What is Local SEO and why does it matter?

  • Ranking factors - what are the important signals?

  • How to optimise your website for local SEO

  • Local content & social media strategies

Why should you invest in training with Creative Bloom?

Forget traditional PowerPoints, stuffy rooms and trying to politely hide your yawns. Our training is hands-on, practical and relevant.

We know you can’t do everything you learn on our course, so we'll help you work out which ones you should personally be prioritising.

We won’t simply giving you a list of things you haven't done.

And you won't be left high and dry – we’ll be making sure of this with an hour’s follow up (in person or by telephone) to help you implement your new strategy. You can also opt to take on one of our 6-month support bundles, if you think you need to call on us a little more.

We'll support you all the way.

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  • Increasing conversions with UX

  • Take your business to the
    next level

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  • How to be an SEO ninja

  • Understanding analytics

  • Your EXCEL GURU 



Please contact us if you'd like a bespoke workshop for your team that focuses on developing specific digital skills that could help to catapult your business online. 

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