Our Architectural Process

As with any building project, unless an architect fully understands the current structure, there's no way that they can create a good coherent design. In the same way, our approach at Creative Bloom aims to gain a well rounded perspective of your business as a whole, before delving into the detail. Our process allows us to understand exactly how your business works both online and offline, before addressing the online marketing actions. 

We believe that technology is a tool that can really benefit any business at any stage. We do understand that not every business should revolve solely around digital, but instead the people and processes. That's why at every stage activity, we put your business values and customers first. 


1 | Initial Discussion

We can help you at any stage of a project. It may be early days for your business, or perhaps you are running a campaign for a product launch, event or rebrand. Our team at Creative Bloom will bring our creative and data expertise to the table to assist you with your next milestone. We begin by having an initial discussion (face to face if possible). This will be structured to gain an insight into your business, it's people and processes. Problems will be dissected and detailed goals will be set, ready for an in-depth analysis of your online presence.


2 |Site Audit and Diagnosis

Analysis will take place on (web)site. Our data experts evaluate exactly what is and isn't working for your website. Our digital audits will evaluate every aspect from brand to SEO, gaining insights into how many people are finding you and who they are. It is at this stage that we can start to use this information to create a very targeted plan. 


3 | Designing the Project

Thorough analysis and diagnosis of areas to improve put us in a good position pin point exactly what actions need to be carried out. This may be a process of several meetings to discuss the best options for you. We will prioritise the services that will benefit you most and design a plan to carry out actions, curating a team of specialists to give you the highest quality of work. This will ensure that every aspect of your online marketing is addressed where needed and our services are truly tailored to you with the common aim of improving your visibility online and increasing conversion rates.


4 | Building the Structure

Once everything has been finalised and a team is set up, we will begin to carry out the work. For new businesses, we will ensure good foundations are set with future proofing processes. For projects already in motion, we will ensure that you are heading in the right direction for your goals. Our team will ensure every action is carried out to the highest quality and attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned. It may be that adaptations need to be made along the way, so our plans remain lean and malleable open to change needed.


5 | We'll Stick Around

Digital marketing can be a daunting task, that's why we stick around during the structural changes and beyond. We like to create strong lasting relationships with clients, offering support even after a project if complete. We run workshops that can show your internal team about how some of the basics of online marketing and best practices. Instead of telling you about online marketing for your business, we would much rather teach you, and help you to progress in your business journey. All with the aim to get the good guys found.



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