Get Started With Effective Paid Online Advertising (PPC) 

Learn how to get right in front of your customers when they're looking to buy something that you sell in this one-day PPC course.

help your customers find you quickly and simply, save them time and help them buy exactly what they're looking for, from you.

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"Breaking down the mysteries of marketing in the digital age into clear, digestible, usable chunks of knowledge.


Elizabeth Ashforth

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) workshop will equip you with everything you need to make money from search only advertising through Google’s Adwords and Bing’s online platforms.

From setting up the fundamentals to finessing the details, we’ll cover it all - without any of the usual marketing jargon.


Who should attend?

Our PPC course is tailor-made for people who have never tried Adwords - or people who feel put off by their early attempts. If you’re a small business owner, if you have responsibility for marketing or if you’re starting your journey into digital, you need to get your PPC sorted.

Invest half a day into learning how to build an online shop window. It could double your revenue.

what you'll get

  • Understand the importance of keyword research in predicting average cost per click and competition.

  • Learn further techniques to enhance your ads, making customers more likely to convert.

  • Hour of follow-up PPC support to help answer any questions you may have with your new campaigns.

  • Become familiar with the Adwords and Bing platforms & learn how to set up and manage your campaigns.

  • Learn how to set up destination goals to help you measure and track your ad's performance. 

  • Take away a step-by-step campaign plan that will help refresh your memory follow the PPC workshop.

Why should you invest in training with Creative Bloom?

Forget traditional PowerPoints, stuffy rooms and trying to politely hide your yawns. Our training is hands-on, practical and relevant.

We know you can’t do everything you learn on our course, so we'll help you work out which ones you should personally be prioritising.

We won’t simply giving you a list of things you haven't done.

And you won't be left high and dry – we’ll be making sure of this with an hour’s follow up (in person or by telephone) to help you implement your new strategy. You can also opt to take on one of our 6-month support bundles, if you think you need to call on us a little more.

We'll support you all the way.

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Please contact us if you'd like a bespoke workshop for your team that focuses on developing specific digital skills that could help to catapult your business online. 

Alternatively, email
or give us a call on (01273) 033331.