We increased Mid Sussex Wood Recycling's site traffic by 100%.

They've also recently been crowned 'Responsible Business of the Year' at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards, too.

Services We Provided

  • Photography.
  • SEO audit.
  • Backlink audit.
  • Link building strategy.
  • PPC recommendations and advice.
  • Content planning across all social platforms.
  • SEO keyword research.
  • Social Media campaigns and planning
  • Web Design.

The Process


We worked with Mid Sussex Wood Recycling Project, in collaboration with the Green Growth Platform, to completely redesign their website, whilst designing a wholly unique digital marketing strategy to help boost the wood recycling initiative.

As a not-for-profit registered charity, Mid Sussex Wood Recycling reinvests all its profit back into the company itself. They offer a number of services, primarily wood collection and timber sales, and collaborate with other charities, such as the Pericles organisation, regularly. Part of the founder, Dave's, vision was to turn the site into a community hub for Sussex.

Combining all of these aspects into the website’s design and the overall marketing plan, without compromising or confusing the intentions of the charity, was going to be a challenge.

We began by profiling their clientele, in order to understand which of their services was their primary source of income. We discovered that ‘wood collection’ was the most integral service to MSWR.

The majority of MSWR’s clients were larger corporate building outlets that produced large amounts of waste timber. With this in mind, MSWR’s website would need to be designed with a certain sympathy towards corporate identity, whilst maintaining its aspirational and friendly ethos.

MSWR’s social media plan and overall online strategy would have to be heavily engagement based, constantly communicating with each of his demographics.

By examining the physical wood recycling site itself and like minded charities in the Greater Sussex area, we were able to come up with a stylish, friendly, yet professional looking design for MSWR’s website. After discussing design ideas with Dave, we undertook a long process of template sourcing and began work on building the architecture of the website.

We split the site into 3 primary sources of engagement, Wood Collection, Timber Sales and About Us (which incorporated the charity’s community work with the disabled young adults organisation, Pericles).

We then photographed the physical site and added the photos to the new website. Finally, all SEO elements were checked and implemented, so that the site was fully optimised.

Once the site was built, and the social media links were integrated, we devised a full social media and digital marketing strategy for MSWR.

The Results

  • A 100% increase in site visitors
  • Winning the Responsible Business of the Year at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards.