We increased LightBros organic traffic by 350% and now they’re receiving 40 organic conversions per month - only set to increase!

Services We Provided

  • Link Building Strategy

  • Review Strategy

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Website Design & Development

  • Local SEO Audit & Strategy

  • Keyword Research

The Process

We worked with LightBros after they attended one of our workshop for the Green Growth Platform. We developed their latest website from scratch; ensuring that they had a unique and modern aesthetic while providing all the necessary information for their target clientele.

As an environmentally conscience company; LightBros provides specialist waste recycling and waste management services throughout the UK and Europe. LightBros has pioneered ground-breaking treatments for resources such as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and steel from treated household waste.

Our aim was to co-align their key services with a local SEO strategy in order to drive traffic and conversions through their highest performing pages.

To achieve this, it was important that we profiled their clientele, so we could understand the difference between their corporate customers and individual consumers and build a strategy around them. Therefore, in order to appeal and capitalise on these two different target audiences, we wanted to create an up to date and modern website.

Our first move was to not only to re-design their website but to completely re-developed it, ensuring that it would be optimised for all their services and attract the desired clientele. The main focus was to hone into their local SEO; specifically within a 25 mile radius and to encourage customers to inquire about services through the website forms we put in place.

We then moved on to ensure that their NAP was consistent across their citations, focused the site to highlight their main services; Metal Recycling, Plastic Recycling, Skip Hire, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Recycling, Scrap My Car and implemented a comprehensive review strategy to increase their Google My Business reviews.

As our work on this project with LightBros continues, we will be looking to expand their website further into B2B services and continue to refine and optimise the website where appropriate.

The Results

  • 100% Increase in # Organic Keywords ranking in top 100 from 242 to 546

  • 350% Increase in organic traffic since new website has been launched

  • From receiving no online enquiries, Light Bros now receive 40 conversions per month which is set to increase further.