Local SEO Case Study: Eco Gym

We increased Eco Gym’s site visits from around 1000 visits a month to over 2.3k

Eco gym are the world’s first gym to be accredited by Green Circle for their energy-saving innovation and for actively reducing their carbon footprint.

Services We Provided

The Process

Eco Gym is challenging the way the fitness industry works- as the only UK gym to harness the power of their members’ workouts and redirect this energy back to the grid.

They are environmentally conscience and reflect this in their business practice; using energy saving lighting throughout the gym and shower rooms, low water consumption showers and they aim to reduce our paper usage on site and use recycled paper whenever possible. This green ethos also translate outside the business, through their participation at beach cleans with members and corporate sponsors Surfers against sewage.

As they were newcomers to a highly competitive sector, Eco Gym needed to expand their membership and develop a franchise model to commercialise their offer.

We helped Eco Gym achieve this through formulating a credible and impactful overall marketing strategy to increase their ROI, while also improving and enhancing their SEO and website strategy to boost website traffic.

We additionally created a guide to direct their brand positioning and created a social media strategy to increase engagement.

When carrying out our market research, we identified a large sector of potential customers in the Brighton area who were both fitness-minded and ‘eco-minded’. We helped Ecogym develop their messaging to resonate with this audience and gave them the tools to target that sector and more independently.

"What we really saw a benefit in was the ability to track website visits. The SEO work Creative Bloom did saw over 100% growth from around 1000 visits a month to over 2.3k. The implementation of analytics enabled me to gain an understanding of our traffic and audience giving me the ability to create, strategise and execute our own marketing tools creating even larger numbers to visit the site. We sit at around 4K unique visits per month now from all over the country and abroad. This has now set me on a path to create an online training platform so people can connect with the brand beyond the southern locational reach." Quote from Andy Little "Eco Gym Co-founder"

The Results

  • A 100% increase in site visitors.

  • Increased membership levels.

  • Built a solid base to push out of their location with a national training platform.