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No More Neglecting Your Google Analytics!

  • The Projects 8a Ship Street Brighton United Kingdom (map)

Finally Get To Grips With Google Analytics!

Finding out where your traffic is coming from, where it's going and everything in between is fundamental and will provide you with the key information to better optimise your website, make your marketing strategies more targeted and most importantly, help increase your conversions. 


  • A clear understanding of Google Analytics, how to set it up, what to look out for and what it all means

  • Ability to set up goal tracking for your website 

  • Free reporting tools to help you understand what's happening alongside Google Analytics 


  • Step by step on how to set up your Analytics account properly

  • Filter out spam traffic and unwanted data

  • Live Tutorial on navigating the Google Analytics platform

  • Talk through all stats and metrics, explaining what they are and what they mean

  • Setting up and tracking conversions

  • Exploring ways to segment your data and understand what the heck's going on 


If you're a newcomer to analytics or haven't had any experience working with the platform then this course is for you! Observe and analyse your website traffic and jump into the deep end of your data to see what is working and what isn't - enabling you to increase your conversions and create a better website environment for your users.