We doubled Clearstone's organic traffic and reduced their Adwords budget by a third after working with them on a full service marketing strategy including improving SEO, PPC and a website rebuild.

Digital Marketing strategy for Clearstone Paving
Indicating the site visitors from the first 8 months of Clearstone's re-designed site and digital strategy being live.

Indicating the site visitors from the first 8 months of Clearstone's re-designed site and digital strategy being live.

Services We Provided

  • Project manage of website build with Brightminded.
  • Digital training.
  • Link building and implementation.
  • ROI and call tracking.
  • A/B testing.
  • SEO & Link Audits.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • SEO & keyword research.
  • PPC.
  • Market Segmentation & Client Profiling.
  • Competitor Profiling.
  • Web copy, Blog Posts and Press Releases.
  • Customer focussed user experience website design by Borderless.

The Process

Clearstone Paving were one of our earliest and longest standing customers at Bloom. They're an eco-paving company based in Sussex, that specialise in resin bound permeable paving. The team at Clearstone design, manufacture and install their own specialist systems using high quality UV-stable resins and a special blend of aggregates. Over the years, they've worked with a range of high profile clients, including the American ambassador for the UK and the Honourable Society of The Middle Temple in Victoria, London.

Our first mission with Clearstone was to increase their online presence, with a view to gathering both commercial and residential work. We began by developing a marketing strategy with the company and educated them in the fundamentals of SEO and PPC. Our relationship then blossomed into the creation of a new website, a complete digital campaign that required on-going online marketing and strategy, and the opportunity to be their marketing partners for the foreseeable future.

Their site was re-designed based on our market research and UX specialism. Once built, we implemented a number of tracking metrics and a number of SEO specifications with a view to targeting specific parts of the country that were keen to do business with Clearstone. This process included link building, auditing and outreach, in order to raise the authority of the new site.

After that, our focus diverted to PPC, helping to build Clearstone’s online brand. This involved a process of researching and bidding on the best keywords, attribution testing and research, and the execution of re-marketing campaigns. We finally implemented call tracking, in order to monitor the effectiveness of the enquiries made through the site.

From the new site going live in December 2015, Clearstone’s website traffic has increased significantly! We've continued to do A/B testing, to see if the UX and layout of the pages can be changed to increase the conversion ratios and engagement.

The Results

  • Doubled Clearstone's organic traffic
  • Cut the Adwords spend down by a third