We helped the award-winning Bird Brick Houses increase their turnover by 65% with our evidence-based marketing strategy and website re-build.

We also helped them to win an RBS innovation award, too.

Digital marketing strategy for Bird Brick Houses - Creative Bloom

Services We Provided

  • Project manage of website build with Brightminded.

  • Digital training.

  • Link building and implementation.

  • ROI and call tracking.

  • A/B testing.

  • SEO & Link Audits.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy.

  • SEO & keyword research.

  • PPC.

  • Market Segmentation & Client Profiling.

  • Competitor Profiling.

  • Web copy, Blog Posts and Press Releases.

  • Customer focussed user experience website design by Borderless.

The Process

Bird Brick Houses are a small family-owned business that was started in 2001 by Duncan and Jenny McCuthan. After some of the team’s expertise was featured on the television show, Restoration Man, in 2008, the couple decided to make the business their number one priority. The innovative birdhouse design, that they now mass-produce, was finalised in 2013.

As an example of a unique and market leading product, the main concern of B.B.H. was exposure. People weren’t finding their product easily - online or offline. With that in mind, we created a solid marketing plan, with a view to building a digital presence and entice a new online generation.

In order to understand the needs and marketing potential of B.B.H., we began customer profiling and segmentation. From our research, we understood that their customer base was most efficiently reached through a specific number of ‘specifiers’ and ‘influencers’, such as architects and planning officers.

Through a process of exploring their branding, values and personality, we were able to create a solid marketing strategy and branding workbook that could be translated to both an online and offline world.

Our next step was to design a visually appealing website. We managed and worked very closely with a UX specialist, in order to build a web presence that could display their product professionally and abundantly. We set about using our SEO expertise to ensure the site’s technical standards were met for search engines and began implementing social media campaigns.

B.B.H. had originally intended for the site to act for B2B interactions and enquiries. However, the e-commerce facility integrated into the design allowed B.B.H. to offer products direct to customers without the admin overheads. This meant more business and less time lost to administration when dealing with enquires face to face.

The Results

  • A 65% increase in turnover

  • Winning the RBS Bristol Go Green Award through our Awards Strategy