What We Are About

We are Creative Bloom. We were forged in 2012 as a lively partnership between Stu Davies and Jimmy Dorrell.

Stu offers a highly analytical approach to modern business, with a remarkable attention to detail. Jimmy adds a solid background in sustainability, both with a flair for creativity. Our combined approach to our clients is probably unlike anything else you’ll have met before.

Backing us up are specialists like Clive Andrews (Social Media), Matt Iredale (SEO), Sarah Rothwell (UX design) and the development teams, who bring additional skills and talents to the party. At Creative Bloom, when we arrive, we come equipped.

Meet Us


Stu Davies

Creative and Digital

“This is an exciting time for us, we wanted to create an agency that reflects our personal ethos; to really help businesses who are doing (or want to do) things in the right way get that foot up higher on the ladder. We’ve employed scientific and data driven techniques so we ensure we have robust research facts to hand before unleashing our creative genie and we like to let that loose some!  We do things properly and take a lot of pride & satisfaction in our work – and ensure everyone has a laugh along the way.

Unleash your inner genie!”


Jimmy Dorrel

Creative and Eco-Services

“Creative Bloom in Brighton exists because all of the team share the same values but approach them from a different perspective. What’s great about our agency is the energy and hunger of everyone to deliver practical ideas, see them through and see them work. I’ve been passionate about using the power of eco-design to drive green thinking in business but understand that this cannot be done in isolation. You need to be able to reach your customers & sell your product.

At Bloom we get that. And our clients do too”


Clive Andrews

Media and Comms

“Many of the people we meet in our work are so busy striving to make better, more sustainable products that they aren’t always communicating effectively. Our clients are already doing great things – they just sometimes need a little help talking about them. And that’s what I love to do. It’s fun, but essential, to find the best ways to have the right conversations. Used intelligently, the internet can help good people make the world a better place.

And so can the bicycle”


Matthew Iredale

Technical, SEO and Copywritng

“Creative Bloom is an incredible opportunity. Every client we work with is completely unique, as they all have an entirely different set of wants and needs. Through this constantly evolving environment, I have been able to develop my own skills and gain a whole host of new ones. Personally, I think that’s what Bloom brings to the table: widespread experience and the ability to apply expertise across many disciplines with complete flexibility.

I think it’s what people need these days.”